Whether you are building a new home or getting your old home renovated, consider installing double-glazed tilt & turn doors near your patio for a contemporary vibe, a beautiful outdoor view, and unmatched performance. Double-glazed tilt & turn doors provide modern solutions for modern homes. These doors look great and are functional too.


  • Aluplast uPVC profile
  • Australian Hardware
  • High Security Locking System
  • Double Gaskets
  • 55mm x 70mm slimline frame profile
  • 49mm x 70mm slimline sash profile
  • 104mm (h) 89mm (d) overall
  • Up to 40mm Double or Triple Glazing

Size Restrictions

  • Up to 1.7m high
  • Up to .8m wide (per sash)


  • uVal – as low as 1.3
  • SHGC – as low as .31
  • Up to 44dB sound insulation
  • Up to BAL29 compliant

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upvc profile

We are a world renowned supplied of uPVC profiles all over the globe. There profiles systems are strong and robust and offer incredible thermal ratings,.

Certified Quality

What makes us innovative? Strong power for innovation, superior quality, plus outstanding energy efficiency and sustainability both for our products and our production systems. All of these claims have been substantiated with various certificates, awards and seals of approval. See for yourself.

PVC Stewardship Program

The PVC Stewardship Program, administered by the Vinyl Council of Australia, is an on-going, long-term, voluntary undertaking by the Australian PVC industry to recognise, and progressively address, all relevant environmental, health and safety issues along the PVC product life cycle within responsible and deliverable timeframes. As a Signatory to the program, aluplast supports the program and adheres to the following five key themes associated with the life cycle of PVC:.

1. Best Practice Manufacturing
2. Safe and Sustainable Use of Additives
3. Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management
4. Resource Efficiency
5. Transparency and Engagement

For regions with high UV radiation

We can look back on more than 20 years of experience in providing tropical uPVC formulations to regions with very high levels of UV radiation.

In order to make sure that uPVC windows remain stable and robust even under harsh environmental conditions, aluplast developed a special uPVC compound called Tropical Mix. This “tropical” formulation and the profiles have been tested and certified by AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association).

AAMA tests the profiles at accredited laboratories under natural weathering conditions. The profiles are tested in three different weathering stations in Ohio, Florida and Arizona for two years where they have to prove their stability against UV light, wind load and humidity.


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